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* Most Active Class Action Plaintiff Law Firms - 2018


* Most Active Class Action Plaintiff Law Firms - 2018
The Class Action Reporter is pleased to provide our subscribers the
following list of law firms that we have identified as the
15 most active class action law firms during 2018.

This list is the product of and copyrighted by Beard Group, Inc.,
and no reproduction or further use of this list is permitted
without the prior written consent of Beard Group, Inc.


          Cohen & Mizrahi LLP leads this year's list after filing
          at least 543 complaints seeking class action status,
          alleging violations of the American Disabilities Act
          and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Among
          others, the firm sued 1Life Healthcare, Artists &
          Fleas, Aldo US Inc., Bridgestone Americas, Hollister
          Co., Intercontinental Hotels, L'Oreal USA, Nathan's
          Famous, PNC Financial and Revlon Inc., complaining that
          these companies' Website is not accessible to blind and
          visually impaired individuals.  The firm also sued
          defendants including Monarch Recovery, Solomon and
          Solomon, Atlantic Credit, Gatestone & Co., and Weltman
          Weinberg challenging their debt collection practices.

          Cohen & Mizrahi is based in Brooklyn with offices in
          Flushing and Uniondale, New York.

          On the Web: https://www.cml.legal/


          Daniel C. Cohen, Esq.
          Joseph H. Mizrahi, Esq.
          COHEN & MIZRAHI, LLP
          300 Cadman Plaza West, 12th Floor
          Brooklyn, NY 11201
          Telephone: (929) 575-4175
          E-mail: Daniel@cml.legal


          The Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, P.C. represented
          plaintiffs in about 224 complaints filed this year
          seeking class action status.  The firm sued various
          entities including 29Studios.Us, A1 Diabetes,
          Centerpointe Lending, Hosopo Corp., Keyview Labs,
          Research America, Williams & Fudge, Wyndham Hotels and
          Wyndham Rewards, and Youngevity International, for
          sending plaintiffs spam advertisements through SMS or
          phone calls, or recording phone conversations, in
          violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and
          similar laws. The firm also represented plaintiffs in
          lawsuits against, among others, Restaurant Leadership,
          Elite Labor and SCI Direct, over alleged labor
          violations; Financial Credit, KFF Arbitration, Owtel
          Wireless and USCB Inc., over debt collection practices;
          Monat Global, Nomura & Company, and Subaru of America
          over product liability; Vivid Seats for selling alleged
          overpriced tickets; Venmo LLC for alleged false
          advertising; Zale Delaware for its jewelry repair
          service; and Pleasanton Fitness, Primerica Inc., and
          VISA U.S.A. for debiting funds from plaintiffs' bank

          The firm is based in Beverly Hills, Calif., with
          offices in Santa Ana and Woodland Hills in Calif.;
          King of Prussia, Pa.; Northbrook, Ill.; and Cleveland,
          Ohio. The firm accepts cases throughout California,
          Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio and West Virginia.

          On the Web: http://www.toddflaw.com/


          Todd M. Friedman, Esq.
          Meghan E. George, Esq.
          Adrian R. Bacon, Esq.
          Tom E. Wheeler, Esq.
          21550 Oxnard St., Suite 780
          Woodland Hills, CA 91367
          Telephone: (877) 206 4741
          Facsimile: (866) 633 0228
          E-mail: tfriedman@toddflaw.com


          At least 192 lawsuits seeking class status were filed
          by Lee Litigation Group alleging violations of, among
          others, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the New
          York Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and the
          Americans with Disabilities Act.  The firm launched
          lawsuits against, among others, Birch Family Services,
          Coral Cast, Victor's Cafe, Pier 59, Ardian Corp., and
          G. Fazio Construction for alleged labor law violations;
          Apple & Eve, Campbell Soup, Starbucks Corp., Living
          Intentions, Arizona Beverage, and Kimberly-Clark over
          product mislabeling or product liability; and Brooklyn
          Dental, Preferred Hotel, QVC Inc., Fashion Institute,
          Neptune Oyster, Hearst Communications and Wills Towers
          over violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

          Lee Litigation is based in Manhattan.

          On the Web: http://www.leelitigation.com/


          C.K. Lee, Esq.
          Anne Seelig, Esq.
          William Brown, Esq.
          30 East 39th Street, Second Floor
          New York, NY 10016
          Telephone: (212) 465-1188
          Facsimile: (212) 465-1181
          E-mail: cklee@leelitigation.com


          Michael Faillace & Associates represented plaintiffs in
          at least 185 class action lawsuits alleging violation
          of the Fair Labor Standards Act and various state labor
          laws.  Defendant companies include Aqua Best, East Side
          Bagel, Cleanwear USA, Choice Farm, Columbia Gourmet,
          National Grocery, MBG Taverns, Metropolitan Painting,
          Pronto Pizza and San Pietro Restaurant.

          The firm is based in Manhattan.

          On the Web: http://www.faillacelaw.com/


          Michael Faillace, Esq.
          60 E 42nd St. 4510
          New York, NY 10165
          Telephone: 212 317-1200
          E-mail: Michael@faillacelaw.com


          Lipsky Lowe LLP is involved in about 160 lawsuits
          seeking class action status this year.  The firm sued
          companies including Bareburger Inc., Churn LLC,
          Citarella Operating, City Winery, Creed Boutique, Dr.
          Smood, Draftkings Inc., Frederic Fekkai, Groundlink
          Holdings, H&M Hennes, Indochino Apparel, Madison Hotel,
          Touitou Inc., V.F. Jeanswear, and Wandering Minstrel,
          Moncler USA and Nars Cosmetics, alleging that the
          defendants' Web sites are inaccessible to blind and
          visually impaired individuals, thereby violating the
          Americans with Disabilities.  The firm also sued NY
          Sweet Spot and Waterside Plaza over labor law

          Lipsky Lowe is based in Manhattan.

          On the Web: https://lipskylowe.com/


          Douglas Lipsky, Esq.
          Christopher Lowe, Esq.
          630 Third Avenue, Fifth Floor
          New York, NY 10017-6705
          Telephone: (212) 444-1024
          E-mail: doug@lipskylowe.com


          Ademi & O'Reilly is involved in at least 155 class
          action lawsuits launched this year, alleging violations
          of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the
          Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Fair Credit
          Reporting Act and over consumer data theft.  The
          defendant companies include Complyright Inc., Consumer
          Portfolio, Convergent Outsourcing, GC Services, IC
          System, Merchants & Medical, Hein Electric, Barclays
          Bank, Messerli & Kramer, Patenaude & Felix, Pioneer
          Credit, PRA Group, Van Ru Credit, Spectrum Brands,
          Oliphant Financial, Wakefield & Associates, and
          Webcollex LLC.

          Ademi & O'Reilly is based in Cudahy, Wisconsin.

          On the Web: http://www.ademilaw.com/


          Ben James Slatky, Esq.
          Jesse Fruchter, Esq.
          John D. Blythin, Esq.
          Mark Andrew Eldridge, Esq.
          Shpetim Ademi, Esq.
          ADEMI & O'REILLY, LLP
          3620 E. Layton Avenue
          Cudahy, WI 53110
          Telephone: (414) 482-8000
          Facsimile: (414) 482-8001
          E-mail: bslatky@ademilaw.com


          At least 135 lawsuits were filed by Rosen Law Firm over
          alleged violation of securities and antitrust laws, and
          consumer data theft.  Defendants include Aceto Corp.,
          AbbVie Inc., Acuity Brands, Aeterna Zentaris, Campbell
          Soup, Camping World, CV Sciences, Ekso Bionics, Fluor
          Corp., Funko Inc., General Electric, Gopro Inc., Helios
          and Matheson, Johnson & Johnson, Longfin Corp.,
          Marriott International, Metlife Inc., MoneyGram,
          Obalon Therapeutics, Papa John's, Quantum Corp, Riot
          Blockchain, RYB Education, and Sibanye Gold.

          Based in Manhattan in New York, the firm has offices
          in Los Angeles, Calif., and Jenkintown, Pa.

          On the Web: https://www.rosenlegal.com/


          Laurence M. Rosen, Esq.
          Phillip C. Kim, Esq.
          THE ROSEN LAW FIRM, P.A.
          275 Madison Ave., 34th Floor
          New York, NY 10016
          Telephone: (212) 686-1060
          Facsimile: (212) 202-3827
          E-mail: lrosen@rosenlegal.com


          Gottlieb & Associates represented plaintiffs in about
          124 lawsuits alleging violation of the Americans with
          Disabilities Act.  The lawsuits contend that
          defendants' Websites are inaccessible to blind and
          visually impaired individuals.  Defendants include
          Carey Limousine, Citizens Financial, Clarins U.S.A.,
          Elizabeth Arden, Hess Corporation, Massachusetts
          Mutual, Mephisto Inc., Nathan's Famous, Primark US,
          Rachael Ray, Servicemaster Co., Sony Corporation, Toll
          Bros., Victoria Cruises, Voya Financial, White Plains
          Veterinary, Woori America Bank, Yonkers Racing, Zadig &
          Voltaire, Zoco Productions, Columbus College of
          Art & Design, and Davidson College.

          Gottlieb & Associates is based in Manhattan.

          On the Web: https://www.gottlieblaw.net/


          Jeffrey M. Gottlieb, Esq.
          Dana L. Gottlieb, Esq.
          150 East 18th Street, Suite PHR
          New York, NY 10003-2461
          Telephone: (212) 228-9795
          Facsimile: (212) 982-6284
          E-mail: nyjg@aol.com


          Pomerantz LLP filed at least 120 class action lawsuits
          this year.  Most of the lawsuits allege violations of
          securities and antitrust laws.  The target companies
          range from Adient Plc, Aegean Marine, Alphabet Inc.,
          Apple Inc., Campbell Soup, Chegg Inc., Deutsche Bank,
          Facebook, Farmland Partners, Honeywell International,
          Myriad Genetics, Nielsen Holdings, PG&E Corp.,
          Restoration Robotics, Sibanye Gold, Skechers USA,
          Snap Inc., Tal Education, Tesla Inc., Vodafone Group,
          Wynn Resorts, Xunlei Limited and Zion Oil.  The firm
          also sued Champion Petfoods alleging its products are
          contaminated, and Ulta Beauty for allegedly selling
          outdated cosmetics.

          Pomerantz is headquartered in New York, with offices in
          Chicago, Los Angeles, and in Paris, France.

          On the Web: http://pomerantzlawfirm.com/


          Jeremy A. Lieberman, Esq.
          600 Third Avenue
          New York, NY 10016
          Telephone: (212) 661-1100
          Facsimile: (212) 661-8665
          E-mail: jalieberman@pomlaw.com

               - and -

          Patrick V. Dahlstrom, Esq.
          10 South La Salle Street, Suite 3505
          Chicago, IL 60603
          Telephone: (312) 377-1181
          Facsimile: (312) 377-1184
          E-mail:  pdahlstrom@pomlaw.com


          Rigrodsky & Long P.A. launched at least 119 class
          action complaints over alleged violations of federal
          securities laws, including challenging merger and
          acquisition transactions.  The defendant companies
          include 8Point3 Energy, Abaxis Inc., Aceto Corp.,
          Blackhawk Network, Callidus Software, Coastway Bancorp,
          Datawatch Corp., Dr. Pepper Snapple, Fairmount Santrol,
          Hortonworks Inc., Jamba Inc., Layne Christensen,
          Mulesoft Inc., Ovascience Inc., Pandora Media, Pinnacle
          Entertainment, REIS Inc., Snyder's-Lance, Supervalu
          Inc., USG Corporation, Vectren Corp., Verifone Systems,
          Web.Com Group, XO Group, Yume Inc., Zais Group and
          Zoe's Kitchen Inc.

          Based in Wilmington, Del., Rigrodsky & Long has offices
          in Garden City, New York; and San Francisco and Palm
          Springs, Calif.

          On the Web: https://www.rigrodskylong.com/


          Gina M. Serra, Esq.
          Seth D. Rigrodsky, Esq.
          Brian D. Long, Esq.
          RIGRODSKY & LONG, P.A.
          300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 1220
          Wilmington, DE 19801
          Telephone: (302) 295-5310
          Facsimile: (302) 654-7530
          Email: sdr@rl-legal.com


          Sanford Law Firm represented plaintiffs in about 117
          complaints filed this year alleging violation of the
          Fair Labor Standards Act or various state labor laws.
          Target companies include Allied Eagle, BJ's Restaurant,
          Centerpoint Energy, Concentrix Services, Dave &
          Buster's, Evergreen Presbyterian, Family Dollar
          Services, Fowler Foods, Goodwill Industries, Hempstead
          County in Arizona, Howell Oilfield, Kimberly-Clark,
          Lennox Companies, MedPartners Inc., MyExperian Inc.,
          Nestle USA, Newbold Services, Ozark Waffles, PF
          Chang's, Ranger Energy, Silver Dollar and Windows USA.

          The firm has offices in Little Rock and Russellville in

          On the Web: https://sanfordlawfirm.com/


          Chris Burks, Esq.
          Daniel Ford, Esq.
          Joshua Sanford, Esq.
          One Financial Center
          650 South Shackleford, Suite 411
          Little Rock, AR 72211
          Telephone: (501) 221-0088
          Facsimile: (888) 787-2040
          E-mail: josh@sanfordlawfirm.com


          RM Law P.C. filed at least 106 class action lawsuits
          this year.  Most of the lawsuits allege violations of
          securities laws and challenge merger and acquisition
          transactions.  The target companies include Allegiant
          Travel, Amtrust Financial, CA Inc., Cascadian
          Therapeutics, Cineflix Media, Deltic Corporation,
          Dun & Bradstreet, Echelon Corp., Fitbit Inc.,
          Foundation Medicine, Imperva Inc., Jacksonville
          Bancorp, Kapstone Paper, Lendingclub Corp., Mitel
          Networks, Navigators Group, Pandora Media, Rent-A-
          Center, Sendgrid Inc., Stone Energy, Vectren Corp.,
          Web.Com Group and Xplore Tech.

          The firm is based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

          On the Web: http://rmclasslaw.com/


          Richard A. Maniskas, Esq.
          RM LAW, P.C.
          1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300
          Berwyn, PA 19312
          Telephone: (484) 324-6800
          Facsimile: (484) 631-1305
          E-mail: rm@maniskas.com


          At least 101 lawsuits seeking class status were filed
          by Shaked Law Firm alleging that defendants' Websites
          are not accessible to blind and visually impaired
          individuals in violation of the Americans with
          Disabilities Act.  Defendants include Aerin Holdings,
          B3 Studios, Benefit Cosmetics, Caswell-Massey LLC,
          Coco-Mat USA, Cubesmart LP, Dooney & Bourke, Everlast
          Worldwide, Gordon Companies, Jake's Franchising,
          Kayser-Roth Corp., Moleskine America, Ollie Pets,
          Phoenix Footwear, Shoe Service, SMCP USA, Trumaker
          Inc., Vionic Group, Vita-Mix Corp., and Zimmermann USA.

          Shaked Law Firm is based in Brooklyn, New York.

          On the Web: https://shakedlaw.com/


          Dan Shaked, Esq.
          44 Court Street, Suite 1217
          Brooklyn, NY 11201
          Telephone: (917) 373-9128
          Facsimile: (718) 504-7555
          E-mail: shakedlawgroup@gmail.com


          Levi & Korsinsky represented shareholders and consumers
          in about 100 class action lawsuits filed this year
          alleging violation of federal and state securities
          laws.  The firm helped plaintiffs sue companies like
          AbbVie Inc., Aceto Corporation, AMC Entertainment,
          Bioverativ Inc., Blackhawk Network, BRF S.A., Campbell
          Soup, Charter Financial, Dycom Industries, Facebook
          Inc., Glencore Plc, Helios and Matheson, Illumina Inc.,
          Latium Network, Mattersight Corp., Microchip
          Technology, Netshoes Limited, Ormat Technologies, PG&E
          Corporation, Prothena Corp., Restoration Robotics, Riot
          Blockchain, Snap Inc., Sonus Networks, Stitch Fix,
          Tesla Inc., Truecar Inc., Ubiquiti Networks, UNUM
          Group, Wageworks Inc., Welbilt Inc. and Xerox Corp.

          The firm is headquartered in Manhattan with offices
          in Stamford, Conn.; Los Angeles and San Francisco; and
          Washington, D.C.

          On the Web: https://www.zlk.com/


          Joseph E. Levi, Esq.
          Eduard Korsinsky, Esq.
          30 Broad Street, 24th Floor
          New York, NY 10004
          Telephone: (212) 363-7500
          Facsimile: (212) 363-7171
          E-mail: jlevi@zlk.com


          Glancy Prongay & Murray represented plaintiffs in at
          least 82 class action lawsuits alleging violation
          of securities laws.  Target companies include Aflac
          Inc., Align Technology, Bristol-Myers, Eco Science,
          Facebook, Flowers Foods, Foot Locker, General Electric,
          Grupo Televisa, Impinj Inc., Live Nation, LogMeIn Inc.,
          L'Oreal USA, Quantum Corporation, Rodan & Fields,
          Tesaro Incorporated, UnitedHealthcare Insurance,
          Vitamin Shoppe, Yelp Inc., and ZTO Express.  The firm
          also sued Hyundai Motor over defective vehicle parts;
          the National Football League Management Council and the
          National Football League Players Association alleging
          violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security
          Act over retired NFL players' benefits; and Red Robin
          International over violation of the Telephone Consumer
          Protection Act.

          The firm has offices in Los Angeles and Berkeley,
          Calif.; and Manhattan.

          On the Web: https://www.glancylaw.com/


          Lionel Z. Glancy, Esq.
          Robert Vincent Prongay, Esq.
          1925 Century Park East Suite 2100
          Los Angeles, CA 90067
          Telephone: (310) 201-9150
          Facsimile: (310) 201-9160
          E-mail: lglancy@glancylaw.com


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