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* Major Court Rulings in Class Action Lawsuits - 2016


* Major Court Rulings in Class Action Lawsuits - 2016
The Class Action Reporter is pleased to provide our subscribers
the following list of court decisions in class action lawsuits
that we have identified as major rulings during 2016.

This list is the product of and copyrighted by Beard Group, Inc.,
and no reproduction or further use of this list is permitted
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40915, Washington, D.C. 20016

Apple, Inc., Petitioner, v. United States, et al., Respondents,
No. 15-565 (2d Cir.).

          The question presented before the U.S. Supreme Court was
          whether the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
          correctly held that Apple Inc. had violated Section 1 of
          the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. 1, by orchestrating and
          participating in a per se unlawful horizontal price
          fixing conspiracy.

          The class action was filed by the U.S. Department of
          Justice Department against Apple and five publishers for
          violations of antitrust laws in 2010.  Thirty-three
          States and territories also filed a civil action
          alleging the same violations and parallel state laws,
          and the two cases were consolidated.  The publishers all
          settled and signed consent decrees prohibiting them from
          restricting e-book retailers' ability to set prices.  In
          settlements of lawsuits brought by individual states,
          Apple has agreed to pay $400 million to be distributed
          to consumers and $50 million for attorney fees and
          payments to states.

          The Supreme Court rejected Apple's petition for writ of
          certiorari from the Second Circuit's ruling that the
          company conspired with publishers to raise electronic
          book prices when it sought to challenge Amazon.com's
          dominance of the market.  In rejecting Apple's petition,
          the Supreme Court held, among other things, that the
          Sherman Act condemns horizontal price-fixing
          conspiracies as per se unlawful, and "[e]very person"
          who participates in such an unlawful conspiracy is
          liable for violation.  The Supreme Court further held
          that the Second Circuit's reaffirmation of that settled
          rule poses no threat to innovation or legitimate

          Attorneys for Apple Inc.:

             Seth P. Waxman, Esq.
             Counsel of Record
             1875 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC 20006
             Tel: (202) 663-6000
             Email: seth.waxman@wilmerhale.com

          Attorneys for Texas, et al.:

             Scott A. Keller, Esq.
             Solicitor General of the State of Texas
             Counsel of Record
             Office of the Attorney General of Texas
             P.O. Box 12548 (MC 059)
             Austin, TX 78711-2548
             Tel: (512) 936-1700
             Email: scott.keller@texasattorneygeneral.gov

          Attorneys for the U.S. Government:

             Donald B. Verrilli Jr., Esq.
             Solicitor General
             Counsel of Record
             United States Department of Justice
             950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC  20530-0001
             Tel: (202) 514-2217
             Email: SupremeCtBriefs@USDOJ.gov

          Attorneys for The Authors Guild, Inc., et al.:

             Dale M. Cendali, Esq.
             KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP
             601 Lexington Avenue
             New York, NY  10022
             Tel: (212) 446-4846
             Email: dale.cendali@kirkland.com

          Attorneys for Law Professors:

             William A. Isaacson, Esq.
             5301 Wisconsin Avenue, N. W., Suite 800
             Washington, DC  20015-2015
             Tel: (202) 237-2727
             Email: wisaacson@bsfllp

          Attorneys for Act i The App Association:

             Eamon Paul Joyce, Esq.
             SIDLEY AUSTIN, LLP
             787 7th Avenue
             New York, NY  10019
             Tel: (212) 839-5300
             Email: ejoyce@sidley.com

          Attorneys for BSA I The Software Alliance:

             Mark W. Mosier, Esq.
             One City Center
             850 Tenth
             Street, NW
             Washington, DC  20001
             Tel: (202) 662-5435
             Email: mmosier@cov.com

          Attorneys for International Center for Law & Economics,
          and Scholars of Law and Economics:

             Joseph R. Palmore
             2000 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
             Washington, DC  20006
             Tel: (202) 887-1500
             Email: JPalmore@mofo.com

          Attorneys for Washington Legal Foundation:

             Richard A. Samp, Esq.
             2009 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC  20036
             Tel: (202) 588-0302
             Email: rsamp@wlf.org

          Attorneys for Economists:

             Daniel M. Wall, Esq.
             LATHAM & WATKINS LLP
             505 Montgomery Street, 20th Floor
             San Francisco, CA 94111
             Tel: (415) 391-0600
             Email: dan.wall@lw.com

Campbell-Ewald Co. v. Gomez, No. 14-857 (U.S.)

          The U.S. Supreme Court was posed with two questions:
          (1) Whether an unaccepted offer to satisfy the named
          plaintiff's individual claim is sufficient to render a
          case moot when the complaint seeks relief on behalf of
          the plaintiff and a class of persons similarly situated;
          and (2) Whether the sovereign's immunity from suit
          shield the petitioner, a private enterprise, as well.

          Jose Gomez filed a nationwide class action alleging that
          Campbell-Ewald Company violated the Telephone Consumer
          Protection Act (TCPA), when it sent him a U.S. Navy
          recruitment text message even when he did not consent to
          receive such text messages and, at age 40, was not in
          the Navy's targeted age group.

          Campbell sought to dismiss the action, arguing that its
          offer to Gomez mooted Gomez's individual claim and that
          Gomez's failure to move for class certification before
          his individual claim became moot caused the putative
          class claims to become moot as well.  After limited
          discovery, the District Court granted Campbell's motion
          for summary judgment holding that Campbell, as a
          contractor acting on the Navy's behalf, acquired the
          Navy's sovereign immunity from suit under the TCPA.  The
          Ninth Circuit reversed, agreeing that Gomez's case
          remained live but concluded that Campbell was not
          entitled to "derivative sovereign immunity."

          The Supreme Court held that an unaccepted settlement
          offer or offer of judgment does not moot a plaintiff's
          case.  Gomez's complaint was not effaced by Campbell's
          unaccepted offer to satisfy his individual claim.  The
          Supreme Court further held that under basic principles
          of contract law, Campbell's settlement bid and Rule 68
          offer of judgment, once rejected, had no continuing
          efficacy.  With no settlement offer operative, the
          parties remained adverse; both retained the same stake
          in the litigation they had at the outset.

          The Supreme Court also held that Campbell's status as a
          federal contractor does not entitle it to immunity from
          suit for its violation of the TCPA.  

          GINSBURG, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in
          which KENNEDY, BREYER, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ.,
          joined. THOMAS, J., filed an opinion concurring in the
          judgment. ROBERTS, C. J., filed a dissenting opinion, in
          which SCALIA and ALITO, JJ., joined.  ALITO, J., filed a
          dissenting opinion.

          Attorneys for Petitioner Campbell-Ewald Company:

             Gregory G. Garre, Esq.
             LATHAM & WATKINS, LLP
             555 11th Street, N.W., Suite 1000
             Washington, DC  20004
             Tel: (202) 637-2207
             E-mail: gregory.garre@lw.com

          Attorneys for Respondent Jose Gomez:

             Jonathan F. Mitchell, Esq.
             434 Galvez Mall
             Room 301 HHMB
             Stanford, CA  94305
             Tel: (650) 723-1397
             E-mail: jfmitche@stanford.edu

                -- and --

             Michael J. McMorrow, Esq.
             MCMORROW LAW PC
             One N. LaSalle Street, 44th Floor
             Chicago, IL  60602
             Tel: (312) 265-0708
             E-mail: mike@mjmcmorrow.com

          Attorneys for National Defense Industrial Association:

             Raymond B. Biagini, Esq.
             One City Center
             850 Tenth Street, NW
             Washington, DC  20001-4956
             Tel: (202) 662-6000
             E-mail: rbiagini@cov.com

          Attorneys for Chamber of Commerce of the United States
          of America and Business Roundtable:

             Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., Esq.
             1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
             Washington, DC  20036
             Tel: (202) 955-8500
             E-mail: tboutrous@gibsondunn.com

          Attorneys for KBR, Inc.:

             Paul D. Clement, Esq.
             BANCROFT PLLC
             500 New Jersey Ave., NW, Seventh Floor
             Washington, DC  20001
             Tel: (202) 234-0090
             E-mail: pclement@bancroftpllc.com

          Attorneys for Lawyers for Civil Justice:

             Alexander R. Dahl, Esq.
             1350 I Street, NW, Suite 510
             Washington, DC 20005
             Tel: (202)-747-0508
             E-mail: Adahl@bhfs.com

          Attorneys for DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar & PSC -
          The Voice of the Government Services Industry:

             Lawrence S. Ebner, Esq.
             DENTONS US LLP
             1900 K Street NW
             Washington, DC  20006
             Tel: (202) 496-7500
             E-mail: lawrence.ebner@dentons.com

          Attorneys for American Federation of Labor and Congress
          of Industrial Organizations:

             Matthew J. Ginsburg, Esq.
             815 Sixteenth Street, NW
             Washington, DC  20006
             Tel: (202)-637-5397

          Attorneys for The National Black Chamber of Commerce:

             Andrew M. Grossman, Esq.
             BAKER & HOSTETLER LLP
             Washington Sq., Suite 1100
             1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC  20036
             Tel: (202)-861-1697
             E-mail: agrossman@bakerlaw.com

          Attorneys for National Employment Lawyers Association,
          et al.:

             Adam W. Hansen, Esq.
             4600 IDS Center
             80 South 8th St.
             Minneapolis, MN  55402
             Tel: (612) 256-3207
             E-mail: ahansen@nka.com

          Attorneys for NECA-IBEW Welfare Trust Fund:

             Eric A. Isaacson, Esq.
             655 West Broadway, Suite 1900
             San Diego, CA  92101
             Tel: (619) 231-1058
             E-mail: erici@rgrdlaw.com

          Attorneys for Public Justice, P.C. and AARP Foundation

             Jason L. Lichtman, Esq.
             250 Hudson Street, 8th Floor
             New York, NY  10013
             Tel: (212)-355-9500
             E-mail: jlichtman@lchb.com

          Attorneys for Consumer Data Industry Association:

             Robert A. Long Jr.
             OneCity Center
             850 Tenth Street, NW
             Washington, DC  20004-2401
             Tel: (202) 662-6000
             E-mail: rlong@cov.com

          Attorneys for Trans Union LLC:

             James C. Martin, Esq.
             REED SMITH LLP
             225 Fifth Avenue
             Pittsburgh, PA  15222
             Tel: (412) 288-3131
             E-mail: jcmartin@reedsmith.com

          Attorneys for Legal Aid Society of the District of
          Columbia, et al.:

             David A. Reiser, Esq.
             1800 M Street, N.W., Suite 1800
             Washington, DC  20036
             Tel: (202) 778-1800
             E-mail: dresier@zuckerman.com

          Attorneys for Washington Legal Foundation:

             Richard A. Samp, Esq.
             Washington Legal Foundation
             2009 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC  20036
             Tel: (202) 588-0302
             E-mail: rsamp@wlf.org

          Attorneys for Constitutional Accountability Center:

             Elizabeth B. Wydra, Esq.
             Constitutional Accountability Center
             1200 18th St., N.W., Suite 501
             Washington, DC  20036
             Tel: (202) 296-6889
             E-mail: elizabeth@theusconstitution.org

          Attorneys for United States:

             Donald B. Verrilli Jr., Esq.
             Solicitor General
             United States Department of Justice
             950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC  20530-0001
             Tel: (202) 514-2217
             E-mail: SupremeCtBriefs@USDOJ.gov

                  - and -

             Anthony Alan Yang, Esq.
             Office of the Solicitor General
             950 Pennsylvania Ave.NW, Room 5615
             Washington, DC  20530-0001
             Tel: (202)-514-4821

          Attorneys for National Right to Work Legal Defense
          Foundation, Inc.:

             W. James Young
             c/o National Right to Work Legal Defense Fnd.
             8001 Braddock Rd., Suite 600
             Springfield, VA  22160
             Tel: (703) 321-8510
             E-mail: wjy@nrtw.org

Direct Digital, LLC, Petitioner, vs. Vince Mullins, Respondent,
No. 15-549 (7th Cir.)

          The U.S. Supreme Court was presented the following
          question: May a court certify a class under Federal Rule
          of Civil Procedure 23(b)(3) where the plaintiff fails to
          make any showing of a reliable and administratively
          feasible means for ascertaining class membership?

          Direct Digital appealed from the Seventh Circuit's
          certification of a class of all individuals who
          purchased a health supplement called Instaflex, without
          requiring class plaintiff Vince Mullins to make any
          showing that these individuals could actually be
          ascertained in a feasible and reliable manner.  Direct
          Digital said that if the class claims were brought
          individually, a defendant would have a due process right
          to test whether the plaintiff actually purchased the
          defendant's product.  That fundamental right, according
          to Direct Digital, cannot be compromised for the
          convenience of class plaintiffs and their counsel.

          The Supreme Court denied the petition.

          Attorneys for Petitioner:

             Daniel S. Silverman, Esq.
             Ari N. Rothman, Esq.
             Benjamin E. Horowitz, Esq.
             VENABLE LLP
             575 7th Street N.W.
             Washington, D.C. 20004
             Tel: (202) 344-4220

                -- and --

             E. Joshua Rosenkranz, Esq.
             Robert Loeb, Esq.
             Christopher J. Cariello, Esq.
             Haley E. Jankowski, Esq.
             51 West 52nd Street
             New York, NY 10019
             Tel: (212) 506-5000
             Email: jrosenkranz@orrick.com

          Attorneys for Respondent:

             Stewart Weltman, Esq.
             Max A. Stein, Esq.
             353 N. Clark, Suite 1800
             Chicago, IL 60654
             Tel: (312) 938-1670

                -- and --

             Samuel Issacharoff, Esq.
             40 Washington Square South
             New York, NY 10012
             Tel: (212) 998-6580
             Email: si13@nyu.edu

                -- and --

             Joseph J. Siprut, Esq.
             Gregg M. Barbakoff, Esq.
             SIPRUT PC
             17 N. State Street, Suite 1600
             Chicago, IL 60602
             Tel: (312) 236-0000

                -- and --

             Elaine A. Ryan, Esq.
             Patricia N. Syverson, Esq.
             2325 E. Camelback Road, Suite 300
             Phoenix, AZ 85016
             Tel: (602) 274-1100

          Attorneys for Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.,
          as amicus curiae in support of Petitioner:

             Hugh F. Young, Jr., Esq.
             1850 Centennial Park Drive, Suite 510
             Reston, VA 20191
             Tel: (703) 264-5300

                -- and --

             John H. Beisner, Esq.
             Jessica Davidson Miller, Esq.
             Geoffrey M. Wyatt, Esq.
             1440 New York Avenue, N.W.
             Washington, DC 20005
             Tel: (202) 371-7000
             Email: John.Beisner@skadden.com

          Attorneys for The Chamber of Commerce of the United
          States of America in support of Petitioner:

             Kathryn Comerford Todd, Esq.
             Warren Postman, Esq.
             U.S. Chamber Litigation Center, Inc.
             1615 H Street, NW
             Washington, D.C. 20062
             Tel: (202) 463-5337

                -- and --

             Laura K. Mcnally, Esq.
             Andrew R. Devooght, Esq.
             Meredith J. Siller, Esq.
             LOEB & LOEB LLP
             321 N. Clark Street, Suite 2300
             Chicago, IL 60654
             Tel: (312) 464-3155
             Email: lmcnally@loeb.com

          Attorneys for DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar in
          support of Petitioner:

             Laura E. Proctor, Esq.
             DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar
             55 W. Monroe Street, Suite 2000
             Chicago, IL 60603

                -- and --

             Michael R. Pennington, Esq.
             1819 Fifth Avenue North
             Birmingham, AL 35203

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             Scott Burnett Smith, Esq.
             200 Clinton Avenue West, Suite 900
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          Attorneys for Atlantic Legal Foundation in support of

             Martin S. Kaufman, Esq.
             2039 Palmer Avenue, #104
             Larchmont, NY 10538
             Tel: (914) 834-3322
             Email: mskaufman@atlanticlegal.org

In re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust
Litigation, Case No. 12-4671 (2d Cir.)

          The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, citing
          inadequate representation, vacated a $7.2 billion
          settlement agreement in a massive antitrust class action
          against Visa and MasterCard over credit-card swipe fees.

          The antitrust class action was brought on behalf of
          approximately 12 million merchants against Visa and
          MasterCard, which are the two largest credit card
          issuing networks in the United States, as well as
          against various issuing and acquiring banks, alleging a
          conspiracy in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act.

          After nearly ten years of litigation, the parties agreed
          to a settlement that released all claims in exchange for
          disparate relief to each of two classes: up to $7.25
          billion would go to an opt-out class, and a non-opt-out
          class would get injunctive relief. The district court
          certified these two settlement -- only classes, and
          approved the settlement as fair and reasonable.

          On this appeal, numerous objectors and opt-out
          plaintiffs argue that this class action was improperly
          certified and that the settlement was unreasonable and

          "In sum, regardless what Visa or MasterCard do with
          their network rules after July 20, 2021, no merchant
          will ever be permitted to bring claims arising out of
          the network rules that are unaffected by this settlement
          agreement, including most importantly, the
          honor-all-cards rule or existence of default interchange
          fees," Judge Dennis Jacobs said, writing for a three
          judge panel of the Second Circuit.

          The Second Circuit found this release overbroad and
          absolutely not in the merchants' best interests,
          especially given that the second class of merchants
          cannot opt-out.

          The Second Circuit concluded that the class plaintiffs
          were inadequately represented in violation of Rule
          23(a)(4) and the Due Process Clause.

          Attorneys for Objectors-Appellants and
          Plaintiffs-Appellants (Merchant Appellants):

             Thomas C. Goldstein, Esq.
             Eric F. Citron, Esq.
             GOLDSTEIN & RUSSELL P.C.
             7475 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 850
             Bethesda, MD 20814
             Tel: (202) 362-0636
             Fax: (866) 574-2033
             Email: tgoldstein@goldsteinrussell.com

                -- and --

             Stephen R. Neuwirth, Esq.
             Sanford I. Weisburst, Esq.
             Steig D. Olson, Esq.
             Cleland B. Welton II, Esq.
             51 Madison Avenue, 22nd Floor
             New York, NY 10010
             Tel: (212) 849-7000
             Fax: (212) 849-7100
             Email: stephenneuwirth@quinnemanuel.com

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             Jeffrey I. Shinder, Esq.
             Gary J. Malone, Esq.
             A. Owen Glist, Esq.
             335 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor
             New York, NY 10017
             Tel: 212.350.2700
             Fax: 212.350.2701
             Email: jshinder@constantinecannon.com

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             Michael J. Canter, Esq.
             Robert N. Webner, Esq.
             Kenneth J. Rubin, Esq.
             52 East Gay Street
             Columbus, OH 43215
             Tel: 614.464.6400
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             Gregory A. Clarick, Esq.
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          Attorneys for Objectors-Appellants Discover Bank,
          et al.:

             Jennifer M. Selendy, Esq.
             William H. Pratt, Esq.
             KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP
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             Kirkland & Ellis LLP
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          Attorneys for Objectors-Appellants American Express
          Company, et al.:

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          Attorneys for Objectors-Appellants First Data
          Corporation, et al.

             Jason A. Yurasek, Esq.
             Anahit Samarjian, Esq.
             PERKINS COIE LLP
             505 Howard Street, Suite 1000
             San Francisco, CA 94105
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          Attorneys for Objector-Appellants (Merchant Trade

             Andrew G. Celli, Jr., Esq.
             Debra L. Greenberger, Esq.
             600 Fifth Avenue
             Rockefeller Center, 10th Floor
             New York, NY 10020
             Tel: (212) 763-5000
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          Attorneys for Appellant Retailers and Merchants

             Jerrold S. Parker, Esq.
             Jay L.T. Breakstone, Esq.
             59 Maiden Lane, 6th Floor
             New York, NY 10038

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             Thomas P. Thrash, Esq.
             Marcus N. Bozeman, Esq.
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             Phillip Duncan, Esq.
             Richard Quintus, Esq.
             DUNCAN FIRM, P.A.
             Little Rock, AR

          Attorney for Objectors-Appellants U.S. PIRG and
          Consumer Reports:

             Elizabeth Wolstein, Esq.
             26 Broadway
             New York, NY 10004
             Tel: 212-344-5400
             Fax: 212-344-7677
             Email: EWolstein@schlamstone.com

          Attorneys for Appellants Blue Cross and Blue Shield
          Entities and Wellpoint Entities:

             Anthony F. Shelley, Esq.
             Adam P. Feinberg, Esq.
             Laura G. Ferguson, Esq.
             Michael N. Khalil, Esq.
             Katherine E. Pappas, Esq.
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          Attorney for Appellant The Iron Barley Restaurant LLC:

             Steve A. Miller, Esq.
             Denver, CO

          Attorney for Appellants Unlimited Vacations and
          Cruises, Inc., et al.:

             John J. Pentz, Esq.
             Sudbury, MA

          Attorney for Appellant Optical Etc. LLC:

             N. Albert Bacharach, Jr., Esq.
             Gainesville, FL

          Attorney for Objectors-Appellants 1001 Property
          Solutions, LLC, et al.:

             Christopher A. Bandas, Esq.
             Corpus Christi, TX

          Attorneys for Plaintiffs-Appellees:

             Paul D. Clement, Esq.
             Jeffrey M. Harris, Esq.
             Candice C. Wong, Esq.
             BANCROFT PLLC
             Washington, DC
             Email: pclement@bancroftpllc.com

                -- and --

             K. Craig Wildfang, Esq.
             Thomas J. Undlin, Esq.
             Ryan W. Marth, Esq.
             Bernard Persky, Esq.
             Minneapolis, MN
             Email: KCWildfang@RobinsKaplan.com

                -- and --

             H. Laddie Montague, Esq.
             Merrill G. Davidoff, Esq.
             Michael J. Kane, Esq.
             BERGER & MONTAGUE, P.C.
             Philadelphia, PA
             Email: hlmontague@bm.net

                -- and --

             Bonny E. Sweeney, Esq.
             Joseph D. Daley, Esq.
             Alexandra S. Bernay, Esq.
             San Diego, CA
             Email: joed@rgrdlaw.com

                -- and --

             Joseph Goldberg, Esq.
             20 First Plaza, Suite 700
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             Fax: 505.842.0761

          Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees:

             Carter G. Philips, Esq.
             David F. Graham, Esq.
             Robert N. Hochman, Esq.
             Benjamin R. Nagin, Esq.
             Eamon P. Joyce, Esq.
             Mark D. Taticchi, Esq.
             SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP
             Washington, DC
             Email: cphillips@sidley.com

                -- and --

             Robert C. Mason, Esq.
             ARNOLD & PORTER LLP
             New York, NY
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                -- and --

             Robert J. Vizas, Esq.
             ARNOLD & PORTER LLP
             San Francisco, CA
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                -- and --

             Mark R. Merley, Esq.
             Matthew A. Eisenstein, Esq.
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             Washington, DC
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                -- and --

             Richard J. Holwell, Esq.
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             Wesley R. Powell, Esq.
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             Kenneth A. Gallo, Esq.
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             Drew M. Hicks, Esq.
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             John P. Passarelli, Esq.
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             Robert P. LoBue, Esq.
             William F. Cavanaugh, Esq.
             New York, NY
             Email: rplobue@pbwt.com

Layne Energy Inc., Layne Energy Resources, Inc., and Layne Energy
Operating, LLC, Petitioner, v. Richard Catron, on behalf of
himself and all others similarly situated, Respondent, No. 15-690

          The U.S. Supreme Court was presented with the question:
          Whether a district court may dismiss a removed action
          rather than remanding it to state court under 28 U.S.C.
          Section 1447(c) after a dispositive finding by the
          district court that there is no federal jurisdiction
          and, for the same reason, there can be no state court

          In 2013, Richard Catron filed a class action petition in
          Kansas state court against Colt Energy, Inc., for an
          alleged antitrust violation of the Kansas Restraint of
          Trade Act.  Before serving that petition, the plaintiff
          filed an amended class action petition.  The amended
          petition added Layne Energy and its affiliates and
          PostRock MidContinent Production, LLC, as defendants,
          and added a commonlaw trespass claim.  The Plaintiff
          alleged the Defendants entered into an anticompetitive
          agreement to allocate the mineral leasing market, and
          sought to represent a class of "lessors and royalty
          owners who leased minerals to [Defendants] from January
          1, 2004 to the present."  The Defendants filed a motion
          to dismiss the complaint but the district court relied
          on Tenth Circuit precedent to remand, rather than
          dismiss.  The Defendants sought review from the Tenth
          Circuit but a Tenth Circuit panel denied their petition.
          The Defendants then sought rehearing en banc, but the
          Tenth Circuit panel, construing the petition as one for
          panel rehearing only, denied that petition as well.

          Layne Energy argued that the appeals court's ruling
          conflicts with rulings from the First, Fifth and Ninth
          circuits, which have recognized the authority of
          district court to dismiss suits that would be futile to
          remand to state court.  The Tenth Circuit's decision
          sides with decisions in the Third, Fourth, Sixth,
          Seventh and Eleventh circuits, setting up a classic
          circuit split that the Supreme Court should settle, the
          petitioners said.

          The Supreme Court denied the petition.

          Attorneys for Petitioners:

             Matthew J. Salzman, Esq.
             Christina D. Arnone, Esq.
             David E. Bengston, Esq.
             1201 Walnut, Suite 2900
             Kansas City, MO 64106
             Tel: (816) 691-2495
             Email: matt.salzman@stinson.com

          Attorneys for Respondents:

             Rex A. Sharp, Esq.
             5301 W. 75th Street
             Prairie Village, KS 66208
             Tel: (913) 901-0505
             Email: rsharp@midwest-law.com

Muehlgay, et al., vs. Citigroup, Inc., et al., Case No. 16-251

          The U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition for a writ of
          certiorari in a proposed class of Citigroup Inc. pension
          plan participants who claim the bank failed to pull its
          own stock from 401(k) plans before the 2008 financial

          The Supreme Court's decision not to hear the appeal
          leaves intact a lower court ruling that the suit brought
          under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act was
          barred by the law's three-year statute of limitations.

          The participants were appealing a ruling by the 2nd U.S.
          Circuit Court of Appeals in May, which supported
          previous decisions by a U.S. District Court in New York
          to dismiss the complaints.

          In May 2015 and again in July 2015, District Court Judge
          John G. Koeltl dismissed complaints by participants in a
          class-action suit, who alleged plan executives and
          corporate executives violated their fiduciary duties.

          Citigroup employees brought consolidated class action
          was brought against the defendants, asserting that the
          latter violated their fiduciary duties under the
          Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
          ("ERISA"). Their claims were based on the defendants'
          purported mismanagement of the employee stock ownership
          plans ("ESOPs") when the defendants continued to allow
          the plaintiffs to invest in Citigroup common stock at a
          time when Citigroup stock was falling drastically.

          In an opinion and order dated May 13, 2015, Judge Koeltl
          dismissed the plaintiffs' complaint in its entirety,
          holding that the plaintiffs' claims were time-barred
          under ERISA's statute of limitations and that the
          plaintiffs' fiduciary claims were without merit.

          Attorneys for Petitioners:

             Samuel K. Rosen, Esq.
             488 Madison Avenue
             New York, NY 10022
             Tel: (212) 935-7400

          Attorneys for Respondents:

             Lewis R. Clayton, Esq.
             Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP
             1285 Avenue of the Americas
             New York, NY 10019-6064
             Tel: (212) 373-3215
             Email: lclayton@paulweiss.com

Spokeo, Inc., Petitioner v. Thomas Robins, Respondent No. 13-1339

         The U.S. Supreme Court was presented with the question
         whether Thomas Robbins has standing to maintain an action
         in federal court against Spokeo, Inc., under the Fair
         Credit Reporting Act of 1970.

         Spokeo, an alleged consumer reporting agency, operates a
         "people search engine," which searches a wide spectrum of
         databases to gather and provide personal information
         about individuals to a variety of users, including
         employers wanting to evaluate prospective employees.
         When Thomas Robins discovered that his Spokeo-generated
         profile contained inaccurate information, he filed a
         class-action complaint against Spokeo, alleging that the
         company willfully failed to comply with FCRA's

         The District Court dismissed Robins' complaint for lack
         of standing, but a panel of the Ninth Circuit reversed,
         holding, first, that Robins had alleged that "Spokeo
         violated his statutory rights, not just the statutory
         rights of other people," and, second, that "Robins's
         personal interests in the handling of his credit
         information are individualized rather than collective."
         Based on these two observations, the Ninth Circuit held
         that Robins had adequately alleged injury in fact, a
         requirement for standing under Article III of the

         The Supreme Court held that this analysis was incomplete,
         saying that, as explained in Friends of the Earth, Inc.
         v. Laidlaw Environmental Services (TOC), Inc., 528 U. S.
         167, 180- 181 (2000), the injury-in-fact requirement
         requires a plaintiff to allege an injury that is both
         "concrete and particularized."  The Ninth Circuit's
         analysis, according to the Supreme Court, focused on the
         second characteristic (particularity), but it overlooked
         the first (concreteness).

         Accordingly, the Supreme Court, 6-2, vacated the Ninth
         Circuit's decision and remanded the case for the Ninth
         Circuit to consider both aspects of the injury-in-fact

         ALITO, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which
         JJ., joined. THOMAS, J., filed a concurring opinion.
         GINSBURG, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which
         SOTOMAYOR, J., joined.

         Justice Ginsburg's dissent said Robins had shown he was
         harmed because Spokeo's inaccuracies created the false
         impression he was overqualified for work he was seeking
         or that he might be unwilling to relocate for a job due
         to family.

         "Robins would not qualify, the Court observes, if he
         alleged a 'bare' procedural violation . . . one that
         results in no harm, for example, "an incorrect zip code,"
         Ginsburg wrote. "Far from an incorrect zip code, Robins
         complains of misinformation about his education, family
         situation, and economic status, inaccurate
         representations that could affect his fortune in the job

         Attorneys for Petitioner:

             John Nadolenco, Esq.
             MAYER BROWN LLP
             350 South Grand Ave., 25th Floor
             Los Angeles, CA 90071
             Tel: (213) 229-5173

                -- and --

             Andrew J. Pincus, Esq.
             Archis A. Parasharami, Esq.
             Stephen Lilley, Esq.
             MAYER BROWN LLP
             1999 K Street
             Washington, DC 20006
             Tel: (202) 263-3000

                -- and --

             Donald M. Falk, Esq.
             MAYER BROWN LLP
             Two Palo Alto Square
             3000 El Camino Real
             Palo Alto, CA 94306
             Tel: (650) 331-2000

         Counsel to Respondent:

             Jay Edelson, Esq.
             Rafey S. Balabanian, Esq.
             Ryan D. Andrews, Esq.
             Roger Perlstadt, Esq.
             EDELSON PC
             350 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1300
             Chicago, IL 60654
             Tel: (312) 589-6370

                -- and --

             Michael H. Park, Esq.
             3 Columbus Circle, 15th Floor
             New York, New York 10019
             Tel: (212) 247-8006

                 -- and --

             William S. Consovoy, Esq.
             J. Michael Connolly, Esq.
             3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 700
             Arlington, VA 22201
             Tel: (703) 243-9423
             E-mail: will@consovoymccarthy.com

                 -- and --

             Patrick Strawbridge, Esq.
             Ten Post Office Square,
             8th Floor South PMB #706
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             Tel: (617) 227-0548

         Counsel for Amicus Curiae Pacific Legal Foundation:

             DEBORAH J. LA FETRA, Esq.
             Pacific Legal Foundation
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         Counsel for Amicus Curiae ACA International:

             Brian Melendez, Esq.
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             Tel: (612) 486-1589
             E-mail: bmelendez@dykema.com

         Counsel to Amicus Curiae Trans Union LLC:

             Stephen J. Newman, Esq.
             Julia B. Strickland, Esq.
             Joseph E. Strauss, Esq.
             2029 Century Park East, Suite 1600
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             Tel: (310) 556-5800
             E-mail: lacalendar@stroock.com

         Counsel to Chamber of Commerce of the United States of
         America and the International Association of Defense
         Counsel as Amici Curiae:

             Kate Comerford Todd, Esq.
             Tyler R. Green, Esq.
             1615 H Street, NW
             Washington, D.C. 20062

                 -- and --

             Mary-Christine Sungaila, Esq.
             SNELL & WILMER L.L.P.
             600 Anton Boulevard, Suite 1400
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                 -- and --

             Roy T. Englert, Jr., Esq.
             Ariel N. Lavinbuk, Esq.
             Eric A. White, Esq.
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             Washington, D.C. 20006
             Tel: (202) 775-4500
             E-mail: renglert@robbinsrussell.com

         Counsel to Amici Curaie eBay Inc., Facebook, Inc.,
         Google, Inc., and Yahoo! Inc., in support of Spokeo:

             Felicia H. Ellsworth, Esq.
             Eric F. Fletcher, Esq.
             60 State Street
             Boston, MA 02109

                 -- and --

             Patrick J. Carome, Esq.
             1875 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
             Washington, DC 20006
             Tel: (202) 663-6000
             E-mail: patrick.carome@wilmerhale.com

         Counsel for Amicus Curiae Experian Information Solutions,
         Inc., in support of petitioner:

             Daniel J. McLoon, Esq.
             JONES DAY
             555 South Flower Street, 50th Floor
             Los Angeles, CA 90071
             Tel: (213) 489-3939

                 -- and --

             Meir Feder, Esq.
             Rajeev Muttreja, Esq.
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             222 East 41st Street
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             Tel: (212) 326-3939
             E-mail: mfeder@jonesday.com

         Counsel for Amicus Curiae, Consumer Data Industry
         Association, in support of Spokeo:

             Anne P. Fortney, Esq.
             Allen H. Denson, Esq.
             HUDSON COOK, LLP
             1020 19th Street, NW, 7th Floor
             Washington, DC 20036
             Tel: (202) 223-6930
             E-mail: afortney@hudco.com

         Counsel for Amici Curiae, The National Association of
         Professional Background Screeners; The National Consumer
         Reporting Association; and Precheck, in support of

             Andy N. Ferguson, Esq.
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             Christopher A. Mohr, Esq.
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             Tel: (202) 637-0850
             E-mail: chrismohr@mkmdc.com

         Counsel for Amici Curiae, New England Legal Foundation
         and Associated Industries of Massachusetts, in support of

             BENJAMIN G. ROBBINS, Esq.
             MARTIN J. NEWHOUSE, Esq.
             150 Lincoln Street
             Boston, MA 02111-2504
             Tel: (617) 695-3660
             E-mail: benrobbins@nelfonline.org

         Counsel for Amicus Curiae, DRI - The Voice of the Defense

             Mary Massaron Ross, Esq.
             Hilary A. Ballentine, Esq.
             PLUNKETT COONEY
             38505 Woodward Ave., Suite 2000
             Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
             Tel: (313) 983-4801
             E-mail: mmassaron@plunkettcooney.com

                 -- and --

             J. MICHAEL WESTON, Esq.
             President of DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar
             118 Third Ave. SE, Suite 700
             P.O. Box 1927
             Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
             Tel: (319) 365-1184
             E-mail: mweston@lwclawyers.com

         Counsel for Amicus Curiae, United States:

             Meredith Fuchs, Esq.
             General Counsel
             To-Quyen Truong, Esq.
             Deputy General Counsel
             John R. Coleman, Esq.
             Assistant General Counsel
             Nandan M. Joshi, Esq.
             Kristin Bateman, Esq.
             Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
             Washington, D.C. 20552

                 -- and --

             Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., Esq.
             Solicitor General
             Counsel Of Record
             Malcolm L. Stewart, Esq.
             Deputy Solicitor General
             Anthony A. Yang, Esq.
             Assistant to the Solicitor General
             Department of Justice
             Washington, D.C. 20530-0001
             Tel: (202) 514-2217
             E-mail: SupremeCtBriefs@usdoj.gov

Tyson Foods, Inc., Petitioner v. Peg Bouaphakeo, et al.,
individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, No.
14-1146 (U.S.).

         The Supreme Court of the United States upheld a decision
         by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit that
         affirmed the judgment of the United States District Court
         for the Northern District of Iowa in favor of workers at
         Tyson Foods, Inc.'s meat-processing plant in Iowa.

         Following a jury trial, a class of employees recovered
         $2.9 million in compensatory damages from their employer
         for a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
          (FLSA), 52 Stat. 1060, as amended, 29 U.S.C. Sec. 201 et
         seq.  The employees' primary grievance was that they did
         not receive statutorily mandated overtime pay for time
         spent donning and doffing protective equipment.

         Tyson seeks to reverse the judgment, arguing that the
         class should not have been certified because the primary
         method of proving injury assumed each employee spent the
         same time donning and doffing protective gear, even
         though differences in the composition of that gear may
         have meant that, in fact, employees took different
         amounts of time to don and doff. Second, the
         employer argues certification was improper because the
         damages awarded to the class may be distributed to some
         persons who did not work any uncompensated overtime.

         The Eighth Circuit concluded there was no error in the
         District Court's decision to certify and maintain the

         The Supreme Court voted 6-2 for the workers.  Justice
         Anthony Kennedy delivered the opinion of the Court.

         Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justices Ruth Joan Bader
         Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena
         Kagan joined.  C.J. Roberts filed a concurring opinion,
         in which Justice Samuel Alito, joined as to Part II.
         Justice Clarence Thomas filed a dissenting opinion, in
         which Justice Alito joined.

         According to Justice Thomas, the majority reaches a
         contrary result by erring in three significant ways:
         "First, the majority alters the predominance inquiry so
         that important individual issues are less likely to
         defeat class certification. Next, the majority creates a
         special, relaxed rule authorizing plaintiffs to
         use otherwise inadequate representative evidence in
         FLSA-based cases by misreading Anderson v. Mt. Clemens
         Pottery Co., 328 U.S. 680 (1946). Finally, the majority
         points to Tyson's litigation strategy and purported
         differences from prior Rule 23 precedents.  None of these
         justifications withstands scrutiny."

         Attorneys for Petitioner Tyson Foods, Inc.:

            Carter G. Phillips, Esq.
            1501 K Street, N.W.
            Washington, DC  20005
            Tel: (202) 736-8270
            E-mail: cphillips@sidley.com

         Attorneys for Respondents Peg Bouaphakeo, et al.,
         Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly

            Scott Michelman, Esq.
            1600 20th Street NW
            Washington, DC  20009
            Tel: (202) 588-1000
            E-mail: smichelman@citizen.org

                 - and -

            David C. Frederick, Esq.
            1615 M Street, N.W., Suite 400
            Washington, DC  20036
            Tel: (202) 326-7900
            E-mail: dfrederick@khhte.com

         Attorneys for Association of American Railroads:

            J. Scott Ballenger, Esq.
            LATHAM & WATKINS LLP
            555 11th Street, NW, Suite 1000
            Washington, DC  20004
            Tel: (202) 637-2145
            E-mail: scott.ballenger@lw.com

         Attorneys for Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.:

            John H. Beisner, Esq.
            1440 New York Avenue, NW
            Washington, DC  20005
            Tel: (202) 371-7000
            E-mail: John.Beisner@skadden.com

         Counsel to Dow Chemical Company:

            Timothy S. Bishop, Esq.
            MAYER BROWN LLP
            71 South Wacker Drive
            Chicago, IL 60606
            Tel: (312) 782-0600
            E-mail: tbishop@mayerbrown.com

         Counsel to Pacific Legal Foundation:

            Anastasia P. Boden, Esq.
            930 G Street
            Tel: (916) 419-7111
            Sacramento, CA 95814
            E-mail: apb@pacificlegal.org

         Counsel to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.:

            Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., Esq.
            Tel: (213) 229-7000
            333 South Grand Avenue
            Los Angeles, CA 90071
            E-mail: tboutrous@gibsondunn.com

         Counsel to Urethanes Plaintiffs:

            Paul D. Clement, Esq.
            BANCROFT PLLC
            500 New Jersey Ave., NW, Seventh Floor
            Washington, DC  20001
            Tel: (202) 234-0090
            E-mail: pclement@bancroftpllc.com

         Counsel to Complex Litigation Law Professors:

            Robert A. Clifford, Esq.
            120 N. LaSalle Street, 31st Floor
            Chicago, IL  60602
            Tel: (312) 899-9090
            E-mail: rac@cliffordlaw.com

         Counsel to Civil Procedure Scholars in support of neither

            Allan H. Erbsen, Esq.
            229 19th Avenue South
            Minneapolis, MN  55455
            Tel: 612-626-6632
            E-mail: aerbsen@umn.edu

         Counsel to National Association of Manufacturers, et al.:

            Philip S. Goldberg, Esq.
            1155 F Street NW
            Washington, DC  20004
            Tel: (202) 783-8400
            E-mail: pgoldberg@shb.com

         Counsel to Cato Institute:

            Andrew M. Grossman, Esq.
            Washington Sq., Suite 1100
            1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
            Washington, DC  20036
            Tel: (202)-861-1697
            E-mail: agrossman@bakerlaw.com

         Counsel to Impact Fund, et al.:

            Deepak Gupta, Esq.
            Tel: (202) 888-1741
            1735 20th Street, N.W.
            Washington, DC  20009
            E-mail: deepak@guptawessler.com

         Counsel to DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar:

            William M. Jay, Esq.
            901 New York Avenue, N.W.
            Washington, DC  20001
            Tel: (202) 346-4000
            E-mail: wjay@goodwinprocter.com

         Counsel to Atlantic Legal Foundation and The
         International Association of Defense Counsel:

            Martin S. Kaufman, Esq.
            2039 Palmer Avenue #104
            Larchmont, NY  10538
            Tel: (914) 834-3322
            E-mail: mskaufman@atlanticlegal.org

         Counsel to U.S. Poultry & Egg Association:

            D. Christopher Lauderdale, Esq.
            JACKSON LEWIS, PC
            15 South Main St., Suite 700
            Greenville, SC  29601
            Tel: (864)-232-7000
            E-mail: Lauderdc@jackonlewis.com

         Counsel to AARP, et al.:

            Seth R. Lesser, Esq.
            Two International Drive, Suite 350
            Rye Brook, NY 10573
            Tel: (914) 934-9200
            E-mail: seth@klafterolsen.com

         Counsel to Consumer Data Industry Association:

            Robert A. Long Jr., Esq.
            OneCity Center
            850 Tenth Street, NW
            Washington, DC  20004-2401
            Tel: (202) 662-6000
            E-mail: rlong@cov.com

         Counsel to Economists and Other Social Scientists:

            Ellen Meriwether, Esq.
            1101 Market Street, Suite 2650
            Philadelphia, PA  19107
            Tel: (215) 864-2800
            E-mail: emeriwether@caffertyclobes.com

         Counsel to Trans Union LLC:

            Stephen J. Newman, Esq.
            2029 Century Park East, Suite 1600
            Los Angeles, CA 90067
            Tel: (310) 556-5800
            E-mail: lacalendar@stroock.com

         Counsel to Professors Alexandra D. Lahav & Sachin S.

            Sachin S. Pandya
            65 Elizabeth Street
            Hartford, CT  06105
            E-mail: sachin.pandya@uconn.edu
            Tel: 860 570-5169

         Counsel to Chamber of Commerce of the United States,
         et al.:

            Ashley C. Parrish, Esq.
            KING & SPALDING LLP
            1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
            Washington, DC 20006
            Tel: (202) 737-0500
            E-mail: aparrish@kslaw.com

         Counsel to Braun and Hummel:

            Robert S. Peck, Esq.
            777 6th Street, NW, Suite 250
            Washington, DC 20001
            Tel: (202) 944-2803
            E-mail: robert.peck@cclfirm.com

         Counsel to United States:

            Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar
            Assistant to the Solicitor General
            Department of Justice
            950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
            Washington, DC 20530
            Tel: (202) 514-2201

         Counsel to American Federation of Labor and Congress of
         Industrial Organizations:

            Lynn K. Rhinehart
            815 16th Street, N.W.
            Washington, DC 20006
            Tel: (202) 637-5310
            E-mail: jcoppess@aflcio.org

         Counsel to Civil Procedure Professors:

            David N. Rosen, Esq.
            David Rosen & Associates PC
            400 Orange St.
            New Haven, CT 06511
            Tel: (203) 787-3513
            E-mail: drosen@davidrosenlaw.com

         Counsel to Washington Legal Foundation:

            Richard A. Samp, Esq.
            Washington Legal Foundation
            2009 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
            Washington, DC  20036
            Tel: (202) 588-0302
            E-mail: rsamp@wlf.org

         Counsel to Public Justice, P.C.:

            Jonathan D. Selbin, Esq.
            250 Hudson Street, 8th Floor
            New York, NY 10013-1413
            Tel: (212) 355-9500
            E-mail: jselbin@lchb.com

         Counsel to United Food and Commercial Workers
         International Union:

            Joseph M. Sellers, Esq.
            1100 New York Avenue, NW
            Suite 500 - West Tower
            Washington, DC  20005
            Tel: (202) 408-4600
            E-mail: jsellers@cohenmilstein.com

         Counsel to Illinois, et al.:

            Carolyn E. Shapiro
            Solicitor General
            100 West Randolph Street, 12th Floor
            Chicago, IL 60601
            Tel: (312) 814-5376
            E-mail: cshapiro@atg.state.il.us

         Counsel to American Independent Business Alliance:

            Thomas V. Urmy Jr., Esq.
            2 Seaport Lane
            Boston, MA  02210
            Tel: (617) 439-3939
            E-mail: turmy@shulaw.com

         Counsel to Equal Employment Advisory Council:

            Rae T. Vann
            NT LAKIS, LLP
            1501 M Street, N.W., Suite 400
            Washington, DC  20005
            Tel: (202) 629-5600
            E-mail: rvann@ntlakis.com

         Counsel to the United States:

            Donald B. Verrilli Jr.
            Solicitor General
            United States Department of Justice
            950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
            Washington, DC  20530-0001
            Tel: (202) 514-2217
            E-mail: SupremeCtBriefs@USDOJ.gov

         Counsel to American Association for Justice:

            Jeffrey R. White
            Center for Constitutional Litigation PC
            777 6th Street, N.W., Suite 250
            Washington, DC  20001
            Tel: (202) 944-2803
            E-mail: jeffrey.white@cclfirm.com

         Counsel to The National Chicken Council:

            James W. Wimberly Jr., Esq.
            3400 Peachtree Road NE
            Suite 400 - Lenox Towers
            Atlanta, GA 30326-1107
            Tel: (404) 365-0900
            E-mail: jww@wimlaw.com


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